Ikonik Films



Executive Producer

Hopes & Dreams Bourbon
Viral Video - Luxury Defined -The 1996 Nissan Maxima Sport Sedan


Concert - Imagine Dragons & Nate Reuss at Hard Rock Live (Video)
Commercial - Hard Rock Cafe International
Commercial - Nissan North America


Although I no longer work as an AC, I find it helpful to establish my experience in the industry

1st AC

SERIES - The Christmas Experience (2012)  
FEATURE FILM - Nsecure (2010) N-secure Films LLC
MUSIC VIDEO - Whitney Duncan "When I Said I Would" Warner Brothers Nashville
MUSIC VIDEO - Whitney Duncan "Open Road" Warner Brothers Nashville
MUSIC VIDEO - Whitney Duncan "Right Road Now" Warner Brothers Nashville
FEATURE - Rivka (2009) LMP Productions
SERIES - God Provides (2009) Erwin Bros. Productions
SHORT - The Watershed Project Greg Stanford Productions
COMMERCIAL - Ranger Bass Boats Dempsey Film/Video
MUSIC VIDEO Riverbilly-“Just the Way We do It” 
MUSIC VIDEO Casting Crowns-“Slow Fade” Word Entertainment
MUSIC VIDEO Salvador-“What If” Word Records

2nd AC

SHORT - Gladiators (2008)
COMMERCIAL - Walgreens (2008) 

Cam PA

 The Easter Experience (2007) 

Additional Experience as: Jimmy Jib Triangle Assist, Steadicam ARCHER SE Assist, 35mm VTR